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Are there any samples available?

A small print and play set available to test Templar out. This will allow you to print a demo out and test the basic roles.
Already try the demo out? Give your feedback in a quick survey here.



What is Templar?

Templar is a role-playing card game, where players are given a job in a medieval town and must either defend it from Templar invasion or work to conquer the town. This allows players to deceive their friends and create a fun, chaotic mess while being able to perform a wide variety of tasks. For example, the Jester must do anything in their power to have the town vote to kill them, and anyone who votes them guilty during the trial will be put at the chance of dying the next night.

Where did the idea come from?

In short, ever since I found out about it, I have loved the idea of a more advanced version of Dmitry Davidoff's Mafia, also known as Werewolf

This game idea has been swimming in my head ever since I heard of Mafia, with more ideas being inspired by the creation of more games of this type, such as Town of Salem. However, I have never come across the game being set in a Medival timeframe while taking liberties to incorporate fantastical roles, such as assassins, templar, mages, and Vikings. So by using my skills in Game Design, I've put in the thought needed to create new roles to add extra mechanics into my own version of the entertaining party game.


Currently, the core game offers three factions to take part as. The Town wants to do everything they can to find out who is evil and behead them to cleanse their town. Conversely, the Templar are working together to eliminate all the town, while turning them on one another. The final faction is the Neutral players who are there working for their own goals. They can choose to work with or against either faction, but in the end, they win as long as they meet their goal.

Included with purchase of the base set are the first two expansion sets for the game. These expansions introduce the factions of the Assassins and the Pirates. 

The Assassins work similarly to the Templar. They want complete control of the town to host new operations from it, assassinating anyone who gets in their way. The Assassins introduce roles such as the Vanguard who can shadow one person each night, seeing all people they visit and are visited by.

The Pirates are a completely chaos oriented faction, focusing on doing anything to protect the Pirate Lord. They are unique in which they can perform one action per night, but requires the crew to have an expert to perform the action. For example, in order for the Pirates to kidnap someone at night, they would have to have a Kidnapper employed.

The factions of Templar will be continued to be added to and updated as the game grows. Be sure to check for updates!

In Development

Although there are already a lot of roles and factions available for players of Templar, there are already more in development! Ideas for future expansion sets include adding in nobility, clergy, and even mages. If you have any ideas you would like to see in the game, be sure to shoot Zoid a tweet!

Are there expansion sets coming?

Yes! There are many possibilities for expansions to Templar. Currently there are ideas for a Clergy, Magic, and Nobility themed expansion. If you have any ideas, be sure to contact Zoid!


Take the role of a medieval citizen and support your faction.