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What is Rogue Catastrophe?

Rogue Catastrophe was my junior level game design final project. Working in a team of 4, we created the prototype of a roguelike dungeon crawler game. You take on the role of a cat venturing through its house while combating objects commonly found around your house, such as mouse toys and boxes.

Legacy Progression System

The more you play the game, the more you are rewarded. By building a scaling system that keeps every level relevant to your current character, Rogue Catastrophe is able to deliver a scaling experience that promotes trying out different talent builds. Additionally, after every run you gain skill points to spend on your traits, allowing many builds to be created. 

Dungeon Sets

As you progress through the levels, you'll find yourself in different dungeons themed to different rooms of a house. Currently, in this prototype build, you can experience the dungeons inspired by a playroom and an outside garden.

Traits and Builds

Rogue Catastrophe presents a 5-degree talent tree that allows players to focus on any kind of build available. For example, they can build up their attack talents in order to become a rogue type that hits fast and hard but may have less damage mitigation and fewer magic powers. Alternatively, players can build up their spellbook and focus on empowering their magical abilities. With these expensive talent trees, players are able to change their approach per run.

In Development

If this game were to go back into development, the primary features to be developed would be adding dungeons sets, expanding the talent tree, and streamlining the scaling to make sure the player always feel a sense of progression.

Are there any samples available?

Click here to download the final build produced for the class.

You can also find more great art by visiting Erinn, our primary artist's, site.

Rogue Catastrophe

Take the role of a cat exploring their house, with a twist.