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What is Rise of Kingdoms?

Rise of Kingdoms is a co-operative game where players must work with their tribemates in order to gather the most resources to score the most points.

Work as a Team

Rise of Kingdoms focuses on bringing players together into small tribal factions. By working together as a kingdom, players will gather resources faster and make the decision to advance their kingdom ahead of their enemies.

Be one of Four Historic Factions

Become part of the Anglo-Saxon, Briton, Frank, or Danish tribes in order to build the strongest kingdom and exert total dominance over your enemies while bolstering the cities of your allies. With each faction boasting a unique bonus, the opportunity to succeed changes every round.

Openly Interact with Other Factions

Every player gets two actions per turn, and this includes visiting other factions to meet diplomatically or make them bend to your will with alternate methods. By doing so, players may influence their competitors to become allies or enemies and engage in trade missions or raids. 

Build your Kingdom

By gathering and refining enough resources, you can work with your tribe mates to build up your kingdom to reduce the chance that a negative action will hurt your kingdom. Additionally, players can focus on boosting their resource generation in order to gain more points or have more crucial trade missions with their allies.

Are there any samples available?

Currently, Rise of Kingdoms is in the proof of concept stage while the full features are being flushed out and refined.

Rise of Kingdoms

Four Barbarian Kingdoms compete for control of post-Roman Europe.