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What is Mercs N' Mechs?

Mercs N' Mechs is a card game where players choose a Pilot and Mech in order to perform missions. However, as players become more powerful by gaining equipment, they have the option to embark on missions to fight their rival mercenary companies - the other players - to try to steal or damage their equipment. This combination of PvE and PvP missions allows players to compete in order to beat the campaign boss and claim victory. In addition to combining the two modes of play, Mercs N' Mechs is fully modular, meaning that players can add in as many cards as they want from any campaign to create their own custom experience.

The way missions are resolved is by rolling a set of dice. This set is by default 3 6 sided dice, but with certain equipment, pilots, and mechs a player is able to gain a higher roll.


Each pilot has their own past that contributes to their abilities. Since the world relies on people with survival skills, certain pilots are able to put their past workplace skills to use by gaining buffs and passive effects. For example, Peter Mitchell was a former vehicle specialist working with the United States Air Force. With his experience working on various military vehicles, he gains a bonus when fighting non-mech vehicles. For example, if he fights a group of tanks for a PvE mission, he is able to get a bonus to his roll.


Each mech is specialized for being equipped with certain weapon type. When a mech uses an equipment for that it is specialized in, they will get a buff. They also have secondary specializations that provide other mechanics, such as attacking harder when they have less equipment, or gaining a roll debuff when using equipment they are not specialized for.


Campaigns are the PvE deck sets that are created for players to win equipment. Each campaign provides four bosses of different difficulties (easy, medium, hard, and legendary). All campaigns are completely modular, allowing players to take their favorite cards from each campaign to customize their experience, making it as easy or difficult as the players want. There will be occasional updates to the PvP campaign decks as well, creating new situations the players can put each other in.


Each easy boss per campaign deck provides the base mechanic for the boss fight. This can be anything from rerolling the lowest dice to debuffing the player's roll. Each difficulty increase in bosses adds one new mechanic, with legendary adding two. Boss mechanics are not modular and only build off of the bosses in their campaign.

In Development

Mercs N' Mechs has a lot of room to grow by adding more mechs, pilots, and bosses. As more campaigns are written, players will have even more cards to add to their gameplay, customizing their experience to their liking.

Current Ideas

  • Space Campaign

  • More International Pilots

  • Co-op campaign

Are there any samples available?

At this time, no. As more campaigns come out, it may be possible to get a small sample of cards to test out the basic gameplay.

Mercs N' Mechs

Take command of your mech and defeat evil corporate overlords.