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Land of Suji

Avenge the destruction of Suji!

WHAT IS Land of Suji?


Land of Suji (LoS) is a local, cooperative, story-driven role-playing game (RPG) for two players. The story revolves around Sue and Jin, the two playable characters that each possess unique abilities which synergize with one another to overcome obstacles and enemies. Discover the mysterious, fantastical world they inhabit, and uncover the secrets behind the colorful cast of characters they will encounter on their journey.



Land of Suji takes place on the large island of Suji. The majority of Suji Island is a forest environment, with other biomes such as arid deserts, stark mountains, and dark, mysterious caverns dotting the landscape. The setting draws heavily on fantasy elements, featuring elements of magic throughout the world and dangerous monsters prowling through the countryside. Many villages are scattered across Suji Island, with one highly developed, central city that towers over them all; this is the City of Aeros, where the king lives.  



Land of Suji seeks to focus primarily on its story and character development. The combat situations in the game require active communication between the two players in order to properly utilize their synergizing abilities; this makes each battle a unique and rewarding experience when the players emerge triumphant. The combat should feel more like a puzzle, with each enemy having a distinct weakness that the players can discover and exploit during a fight. The majority of the gameplay consists of uncovering the story of Land of Suji, discovering the plethora of hidden, collectable items, and overcoming the obstacles and enemies that stand in your way.

Couch Co-op Focus

Sharing energies from the same soul, Sue and Jin share a health pool causing any damage one receives to affect the other.

Synergize each characters’ abilities to eradicate the automatons by providing protection whilst the other damages the enemy.

Painterly, Hand-drawn Art Style

Each tile delicately hand-drawn providing an art style that differentiates it from the pixel style norm in most 2D RPGs.

Where did the idea come from?

Land of Suji (LoS) is the product of my senior game design project. Much like Rogue Catastrophe, I worked with a small group of Computer Game Design majors to produce a vertical slice of an isometric, 2.5D, co-op role-playing game. I served as the sole programmer, and thus the lead systems designer and lead engineer. With over 500 hours put into this project, I was able to develop a foundation for most needed systems of an RPG, while learning the ins and outs of Unity. Though production on this title stopped, it bolstered my knowledge of game-oriented programming and my understanding of C# systems.

Are there any samples available?

Follow this link to download the alpha demo of Land of Suji.

You can find the music made for the game on my audio project page, or you can visit Erinn's site to learn more about the art.